Inspiring Scotland strives for a Scotland without poverty or disadvantage. We work with people, their communities, charities and public bodies to develop solutions to some of the deepest social problems.

Over the last 3 years of the Autism Innovation and Development Fund, over £2 million has been invested in organisations who support autistic people and their families.

As set out in the Scottish Government’s Scottish Strategy for Autism, all projects are working towards one of the four key strategic outcomes:

  1. A Healthy Life: Autistic people enjoy the highest attainable standard of living, health and family life and have timely access to diagnostic assessment and integrated support services.
  2. Choice and Control: Autistic people are treated with dignity and respect and services are able to identify their needs and are responsive to meet those needs.
  3. Independence: Autistic people are able to live independently in the community with equal access to all aspects of society. Services have the capacity and awareness to ensure that people are met with recognition and understanding.
  4. Active Citizenship: Autistic people are able to participate on all aspects of community and society by successfully transitioning from school into meaningful educational or employment opportunities.

In total, 42 projects have received funding, working across 27 local authority areas. These projects have supported over 6,000 individuals and over 80% of projects reported that they expect to continue their project after the Innovation and Development fund ended in 2018.

From speaking with the leaders of charities involved, we know that you would like more opportunities to learn, to connect and to be inspired. It is this feedback which has led to the development of this knowledge hub.

….and, as always, if you do have a specific need or challenge, please get in touch and we would be delighted to support.

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